Best Google Ads (Adwords) Courses:

The most well-known pay-per-click (PPC) platform is Google Ads (previously AdWords), which lets you make ads that show up on YouTube, Google Maps, Shopping, and more. But there are other players in the ad selling game than Google; Tiktok and Meta provide strong competition.

In order to increase website traffic and lead generation, you must understand how to use Google Ads. The top online courses from the Marketing92, which include more than 100 Google Ads courses, are included in our Best Courses Guide (BCG). These courses are from well-known learning platforms including Google Skill shop, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Skills are.

Additional digital marketing subjects that we have published BCGs on include SEO, Content Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Canva Designing.

Course Ranking Statistics:

Here are some aggregate stats about the ranking:

On Class Central, the Google Ads topic is followed by over 7.7K users.
Six courses need payment, while three are free.
There are over 399,600 enrolled in 5 courses overall; this information is not available for the other 4 courses.

The Greatest Google Ads Course for Novices:

A licensed Google Adwords Pro, Mubashir Javed, is the instructor for the extensive course Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021. You’ll discover how to build campaigns, monitor conversions, and more while learning how to increase website traffic.

experience is not necessary. All you’ll need to direct users to is a website, landing page, or Facebook page.

“Whoa! There is so much value in this course. Even though a few elements about Google Ads have changed in 2023, this training is still worthwhile. Mubashir Javed has extensive expertise and experience in the field of digital marketing.”

What is to be learned:

•Set up your Google Ads account from scratch
•Understand the theory behind successful online advertising
•Use keywords to your advantage
•Set up conversion tracking and track phone calls, sales, revenue, and form submissions
•Take advantage of competitor reports and customer data in your campaigns
•Perform A/B testing on your ads
•Optimize your cost per click by increasing Quality Score

AdWords Search Free Certification on Google:

You can learn how to create and improve Google Search campaigns by enrolling in this free course from Marketing92. Upon obtaining the complimentary certification, you will exhibit your proficiency in:

Convert an online marketing vision into a digital marketing plan.
Create a strategy to boost online sales or traffic.
Make a plan to connect with both current and potential clients.
Make sure your budget and marketing strategy are in line.

Google Ads Full Course:

You may learn how to manage successful Google Ads campaigns by enrolling in Marketing92 Digital Marketing Academy’s Google Ads Full Course.

Since it covers both the fundamentals and all you need to know to get started with Google Ads, this course is ideal for beginners. It covers the subsequent lessons:

Introduction to Google Ads
How to create a new account
How to create conversions and enable conversion tracking
How to create Search Ads
How to create Display Campaigns
How to run Remarketing campaigns on Google Ads
How to run Dynamic search campaigns
How to create Discovery campaigns
How to optimize Google Ads campaigns